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Jul 2017
am i the only one who finds
nudists  erotically
   i have to say
that certain body parts
of a woman, when given an accent
of clothing can mean more then
coupled  with the entirety of
the whole body
exposed for a sun-tan...
for some *******
reason, when i'm not teased
with body parts,
i turn into a butcher's son,
i just want to cut
the ******* thing up...
   mind you,
french nudism is a bit like
islamic niqabs...
i can't find the attention
pointers to start the
******* flirt...
           it's almost akin
to ****... optically, sure,
but **** nonetheless...
   i'm guessing muslims are
obsessed with oral ***
given the most ****** aspect
of a woman they ever discovered
were they eyes...
      islam is saturated with
an oral *** fetish given the attire...
i said the collar-bone bone &
neck outline + the hands...
and the **** cleft...
  that's like 5th or 6th on the list
of what's ****** about
  but different culture...
you know what europeans do when
they find a hair in their
soup? they *****;
which is why i don't understand
with this islamic fetish for
             ever find a hair in your
          you'd regurgitate likewise...
but i simply can't find nudists
           there are no accents,
no exfoliation of the certain parts
that allow a hard-on
to come to light...
      sometimes physiology takes
to the tale of: the other
            grounding of effort
for crafting a nuke...
     let's just say that
the eyes of women are the least
**** aspect of their body...
i share the same sentiment
as a certaisn 20th century poet...
i'd rather look into dogs' eyes
than a womans' eyes for
hours and hours...
    dogs' eyes are more appealing
than womans' eyes...
which is why i don't understand
the islamic claim that
eyes exfoliate a female appeal
toward a man's appeal...
  i already stated the three
major incisions...
        you know what the english
called niqabs? satan's postboxes...
to me the hands, the collar-bone
canvas, and the cleft of *******...
       then again, there's the thighs...
long gone are the days
of belly-dancers,
               and the slit-eyed-ninjas...
******* ponces of ******-inhibition...
i still find nudism an optical ****,
         like trying to *******
to watching chimpanzees at it...
          for some reason
nudists are albino in terms of fur,
but while that's going on,
i see them attired in thick fur:
that subsequently becomes
an explanation for a limp ****:
it would be akin
to bashing one off while
watching butchered pork chops.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  33/M/Essex (England)
(33/M/Essex (England))   
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