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Jul 2017
on holiday, minding my own business,
drinking alone watching middle-aged
german tourists talk absolute scheiße,
then these three kenyan beauties
make themselves at my table, and we start
   they were the supposed
entertainment... one?
    got, what a numbian
beauty... in that **** african plump body...
   body looking as if smeared in butter...
shimmering like a lake in moonlight...
if i was crazy enough i'd have said:
  **** it, i'm going to make my life in kenya
from now on...
         she was into marijuana too,
      felt like ****** tension after a while...
  to the other beauty i gave her a copy
of c. g. jung's modern man in
       search of a soul
other times i was talking with the bartenders
about how kenya was importing timber
from ghana... i avoided the white
people most of the time, for all i could know,
they were there for  a sun-tan...
              there was a joke
of the resort, a guy reading a book
pretending to be a sun-dail... yep...
stood by the pool, read a book standing up,
and rotated with the sun's position...
      then there was that game
of ping-pong with a german,
'you're funny'... he said...
i don't remember saying anything
funny though... the russian couple...
and the scottish couple... i got talking with
the scot about the band travis
and their seminal album 12 memories...
****** runs off and jumps into the pool...
  and then there was me
jumping into a pool with all my clothes on
with some blue indian...
africa is fun for two weeks,
after the heat starts biting
at you... feeding macaques
and laughing at rascal baboons
with hemorrhoids...
  **** me, europe is boring
by comparison...
  all we have is... pigeons!
i miss those macaques,
and those hemorrhoid-riddled
                    baboons... but **** me,
that kenyan girl was a stunner...
if i had enough incentive
to craft a plan worth a life-span
of, say, 70 years?
   i'd have stayed
                      and admired
that glee of moonlight lake mingled
with a butter-sheen of her skin


o.k. let me get this straight,
how the **** did these slave-traders
catch a usain bolt on the savannah?!
i'm pretty ******* sure
that if you wanted slaves,
you wanted to catch them without
inflicting any injury...
  how the **** did they catch
the types akin to a usain bolt?
  white boy can't jump,
white boy can't outrun a black boy...
  you shoot an african hermes
you have a ****'s worth of *******...
meaning you have nothing...
you can't have slaves
    that have been injured...
               **** me, did it happen
out of their own accord?
   how would you ever capture a slave
when he can out-run you,
and a slave you have to catch
was eddie murphy onto it?
     if he wasn't, then the congo
eh! hussein! eh hussein ha-bah-ha-bah
was in on the transfer of goods...
    and to think that some people
think that there is no idea of hierarchy
and royalty in africa for
the common european smithy.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
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