Jul 2017
I feel trapped inside a cave,
Of which is wrapped with pain.
But every time I am with you,
You keep me sane.

My heart is torn into two,
And I feel unsafe and full of fear.
But whenever you talk to me,
I always feel you with me,here.

My mind spins with regressed thoughts,
And my desire to give up is more than strong.
But every time you ever do anything with me,
It makes me feel like I can go on.

The pain attacks me with unnecessary worry,
And my deep sadness grows within me.
But whenever I feel broken,unwanted and troubled,
You unlock me from my cage and let me be free.

I feel like i'm never ever going to be good enough,
And that people only look down at me and walk away.
But you make me feel as if i'm a person,
And that I should stay.

Thank you for everything you've ever done for me,
This is all I can give,
Your a beautiful person inside and out,
And an important reason as to why I still live.
this poem is mainly about a very important person in my life which is my best friend,called Eve.She helps me with all my struggles with depression.
Chelsea Quigley
Written by
Chelsea Quigley
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