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Jul 2017
a fun ball of words setting fires, unleashing
a world of endorphins and adrenaline, yet
seen to be shamed, a shameful act indeed,
so much in fact that we rectify these acts with
a payment of change and coins in jars.

****, ****, ****, ****, ****, and *******.

six entire dollars, gone to the swear jar, a
jar holding value for every 'mistake', mistakes
meaning freedom of speech, creative, raw, and
honest expression, and despite how there's no
difference between them and 'clean' words.

that's utter *******.

another dollar falls in, the sonorous ring of metal
falling into this closing container now silent, coins
cushion and muffle, marking my clearly abundant
profanity, a loss for worth and value to my poor
wallet and poor name, the money simply pooling.

oh, this is freaking hellish.

a couple of bucks lost now, the last ones losr for i
shall now shatter this glass, nicks and cuts on my
shaking fingers from the shards as i pick my coins
back up, knowing i shouldn't have to have to pay
for mistakes that aren't at all mistakes, just simply
i don't know guys, i like to swear and i don't see whats wrong with it at all.
Written by
cher  16/Non-binary/Singapore
     cher and Tamsin Gray
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