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Jul 2017
The knife was dragged down my chest,
Slowly pulling apart skin and bone,
My heart beating clearly shown,
The long claw like hand,
Reached into the crevice,
That was once my whole chest,
There the hand lay to rest,
My heart beating quicker,
Slowly began to be pulled away,
I screamed but unable to move,
So standing there staring I just stayed,
I stared at my heart now in his hand,
I couldn't breathe,
And didn't dare scream,
Because my last breathe was not going to be spent like that,
I continued to stare at my heart,
The monster howled with delight,
And gave an awful grin,
It seemed insanely pleased,
With what I surely hope was an awful sin,
But I had no time to think on that,
For soon was coming my last breathe,
I could feel nothing but the chasm in my soul,
Wondering how could I ever again be whole?
I began to fall to the ground,
The monsters laughter did abound,
And as I closed my eyes in that last moment,
As the darkness surrounded,
And I felt nothing,
A single thought entered my mind,
I began to play back and slowly rewind,
As I saw in my mind,
I watched the monster rip out my heart,
But I also saw how I stood doing nothing,
And I knew in my last moment,
I could have stopped him,
And I wondered if I could somehow have the chance to try again.....
Just a story
Poetry of the unstable
Written by
Poetry of the unstable  20/F/Nashville
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