May 2012

Goodbye hung on my lips like frost
Bitten and heavy with numb intent
I've never felt such affection towards the disease of sadness

But it must be done

We have drifted, unable to moor ourselves once more
Wishing it could have been different
Is like having bees with no flowers
I know I come off cold
My eyes flat and devoid of emotion
This is the way it must be
Your tears flooded my better judgement
A lone sparkle sneaking beneath my eyelids to slide down my tired cheek
This is about as clean as I could make it
You may not know how vulnerable I feel
Raw. Rebirthed.
As I turned to walk away I realized
You must not have seen the stitches on my chest
That are holding together the lonely cavity that once held
My heart

Written by
Wanderer  Between Midnight and 3am
(Between Midnight and 3am)   
     victoria and Brandon
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