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Jul 2017
Writing is one of the few ways I know to explain myself.
To work out what I'm feeling,
And to express myself.
And yet with you there are no words.

No adjective or verb put together could reflect what I'm feeling accurately.

It's just a moving picture in my head,
Small memories and thoughts about you molded together.

Your laugh, your lips,
the freckle in your eye.
Your breathing as you fall asleep.
The covers wrapped around us both in the middle of the night.
The way you try and make me laugh when I'm angry.
Your jokes and one-liners and isms that make you, you.

That's how I know that I mean it.
When I say I love you -
I can't describe you any other way.
I can't verbalize what I feel for you any better,

Than those three words.
Rose Amberlyn
Written by
Rose Amberlyn
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