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May 2012
is full of once in a lifetime experiences.
it is full of smiling,
living in the moment,
not worrying about bills or mortgages,
or gas money or grocery shopping.
is something we always wanted to grow out of
moving away from our barbies and bionicles
and trading them in for make up and playboys.
even though, sometimes,
when heads were turned away,
we dug up our favorite plastic friends
just to see how they were doing in the darkness.
is something we always wanted to leave behind when we were children
become big adults
with our fancy clothing
happy homes
and lack of vegetables.
and yet we forget
that childhood
is, simply,
full of laughing.
and fully grown
i now live on the memory
of my sandbox sidekicks
and their laughter.
inspired of when an old kindergarten friend of mine found me on facebook. she had changed so much, so quickly.. the girl who wore pigtails every day was now darker, heavy make-up covering her gorgeous green eyes and infectious, coy smile. it made me realize that childhood, sometimes, is better than we ever thought at the time.
ali russo
Written by
ali russo
   Mya and Rose
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