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Jul 2017
I am mystified with beauty,  
interludes of ecstasy engulf my spirit;
Reflected in bold strokes,
taking me into the realm of beauty.

This impression appear before me
with a childlike innocence
and yet like a child they
remain indifferent to what I think,
but then it speaks.

My eyes gazing away into the distance,
thoughts seemed far away,
deep into another realm,
dreaming in the presence of nature.

This beauty,
so near and touchable,
healthy,strong and alive,
with an exotic impression,
a puzzling melancholic overtone,
an awareness
that something is happening
which I neither know or understand,
but nature intended it that way:
Forever Mysterious.

It is that unfathomable
hidden part of myself,
my divinity,my soul and my spirit,
which no outsider could understand,
I didn't understand it either,
But was able to express this sensation,
feeling,and mood called Beauty.
© 2017, Emeka Mokeme.All rights reserved.
Emeka Mokeme
Written by
Emeka Mokeme  M/Nigeria
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