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Feb 2018
"We accept the love we think we deserve"

This is true;
Because the only evidence I have of not loving myself,
Was my decision to accept the poisonous love that came from you.
A thing that was fickle and weak and masqueraded as love
Behind pretty words and blatant lies I let myself believe.
I look back and wonder; how much did I hate myself
For you to have been what I though I deserved?

Now I have changed
And I will accept nothing less;

Than a love with a foundation that could hold for millennia.
A love that holds me accountable without condemning me to drown in a pool of guilt made from my tears.
A love that will not falter under petty arguments and will not be blown down by the slightest breeze;
But a love that can withstand the force of a thousand winds and waves beating against it.
I want the kind of love that wars are fought over,
Something that will never be perfect but will always come close.
A love that withstands distance and betrayal.
A love that has patience, a love that will forgive.
A love that Death can never ****.
A love that Time can never end.
Not just because it is the love that I have dreamed of...

...But because it the love that I deserve.
The first line is a beautiful quote from Stephen Chbosky's 'The Perks of Being A Wallflower' and the inspiration behind this poem. Since its February and love is all around I've decided to explore it in my poetry.
Gabrielle Isa
Written by
Gabrielle Isa  18/F/Nigeria
       Lucius Furius, hannah, Lior Gavra, may, empty seas and 10 others
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