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Jul 2017
"My dear, I am a vandal,"
I am an eclipse of your brightest days
I am merely hollow, and in great despair
A turquoise sunset in a sunrise maze
I am an event horizon
Better left to its own devices
We are fragile as a sundered vase
Reaching for stars when clouds suffice

"My dear, I am a bane of goodwill,"
I am marshes in your gardens green
I am ravenous and armed with tongues
A veil over your dreams unseen
I am corruption in the incorruptible
I am a syndicate of deceit
We strive to thrive in a heartless abyss
Weaving webs and yarns of the bittersweet

"My dear, I am an arrowhead,"
I am doused in poison with no remedy
I am a covetous despot and a saboteur
Forever an omen of our catastrophe
I am the first feet in a field of mischief
A master seamster of discord
We hoard the rain in this eternal drought
Just to corrode, and rust, our lethargic swords

Pointing a finger at yourself and your own misdeeds is often more than a human can bear.
Chris Thomas
Written by
Chris Thomas  Maryville, Tennessee, USA
(Maryville, Tennessee, USA)   
     Elizabeth J and rose
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