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Jul 2017
Nesta woke up

Her husband Phil
was not in bed
beside her.

She could hear
the baby crying.

She leaped
from bed
and along
the passage
into the baby's room.

Her husband
was shaking
the baby

She grabbed
the baby
from him
held it
against her
looking to see
if it was all right.

What do you think
you are doing?
she said angrily.

He glared at her
it kept crying
I have worked
in the morning
he said viciously.

I don't care
she spat back
you do not do that
to my baby.

Your baby?
he said
he went to grab
the baby from her
thinking she'd do
as he said.

No you are not
going to touch her
Nesta said
turning away
from him holding
the baby tight.

He grabbed
her hair
but she held on
to the screaming baby.

He turned
her around
and pulled
at the baby's legs.

Nesta holding
the baby
tight against her
with one arm
grabbed a statue
of the ****** Mary
with her other hand
and hit him
over the head
with it
with all
her might.

He released
his hold
of the baby
and stood
for a moment
blood came over
his face
and he fell
to the floor.

She held
the baby closer
rocking it gently
in her arms
there there
she murmured softly.

The baby took
deep breaths.

Nesta walked
the baby
out of its room
and along
to her bedroom
and sat
on her bed
with her.

The baby latched
onto her breast
and quietened.

Nesta stared
at the wall
listening to see
if her husband
was making
any noise.

except the baby
******* hungrily
eyes closed
the baby's little fist
holding her hand.

Nesta leaned down
to the baby's head
and kissed.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
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