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Jul 2017
Poetry is an art
It can give tranquility, understanding,
And it also posses great beauty and knowledge to all who read it. Though it is still over looked.

Poetry is a outlet
Yet these words will go unknown to the many people I hold dear, and they will stay this way.

Poetry is the words
Of so many people with a multitude of stories to be shared. However my story is whispered and only few hear.

Poetry is feeling
For it allows us to express inner emotions, when we don't quiet understand them ourselves. Still I share this passion alone.

Poetry is expression
In which we can be ourselves and let go, and even know I feel unheard.

Poetry is peace
For it gives many a type of serenity in a storm, and yet I still feel such chaos within.
Hannah Faulkner
Written by
Hannah Faulkner
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