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Jun 2017
I don't know, how many heartbeats are left in this body. But I can assure you, that my time is quite near. Near to the gates of freedom from this sinful body. I admire, the ticks on the old wall clock. It gradually reminds me of my choking last breaths. The treasure chest in my heart weighs heavy with sorrows. The key resides in my mind, where the memories churn. My eyes stare wide at the pillars and the high ceilings. The energy to raise my hand has drained to the point, where I can't even get up. Blurred vision and twinkling micro lights fly whenever I blink to see, to see what I've missed more. To see that one peace that my soul craved for. To see you, being successful. Sometimes, I hold onto my get the feelings of death. But then, I am suddenly perched with enormous pain, like a million needles stamped over my chest.
A pin drop silence, then a siren sheering sound bust in my ears. And this, my dear I believe is a tour of hell.
It's just a bad fate, I carry with me, and this will leave me only.
Only, on the day,
I leave this needless body, for good
And all the pain, the sufferings, the sounds shall stop
A pin drop silence

Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
     Mariah Cuch and Semihten5
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