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Jun 2017
Sometimes it feels like a huge hole
Right in the center of my being
Widening at every instance
The other times, it feels like
Like I'm breaking apart
Crumbling down like a castle of cards
When I look at myself in the mirror
And look at my eyes,
They seem as dead as they can be
It feels so horrible
Like some sort of demon
Or perhaps a beast
Tearing my heart bit by bit
With its claws piercing my flesh
Making me suffer
This invisible pain without any reason
I want to scream in agony
And despair
I want to shriek as loud as I can
But I just sit silently
Drowned in madness
That's how I feel
Written by
loveless  20/M
     Elsa, AM, GitacharYa VedaLa, Scotty, Winn and 4 others
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