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May 2012
Hospital waiting room lament

I sit here all alone
In a dingy little room
Not even a bunch of flowers
To brighten up its gloom

No one’s been to see me
I’ve no idea how he is
They won’t let me see him yet
I’m beginning to get in a tizz

So my mind is running riot
The tears are not far away
A happy birthday Nerwydd
You’re 55 today
I wrote this on April 25th 2011, following a telephone call to tell me Silver Fox had been involved in an accident on his motorcycle.

At one point he died at the scene, in fact, even now that he has had further surgery to repair him, I don't think the severity of his injuries and condition have sunk in, in fact, it was only last week the consultant told him this again and that he was very lucky to be alive.
Nerwydd Dragonborne
Written by
Nerwydd Dragonborne  Wales
   Lucky Queue
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