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Jun 2017
My eyes feel heavy and weak
Headaches fill my daily physique
Uncertain of what the cause, I try to sleep
But all my life sleeping has never been sleek

I imagine myself in world's, my fantasies
Stories of great honor and mystery
Fables contained in my head
Waiting to finally be read

But I'm too lazy to get the pen
And write all this from inside my head
I can feel this world's within me
But I can't expel them so easily

Maybe it's fear that keeps them inside
Retained forever in a state of mind
Fear of defeat and failure
It would take a toll on the self esteem of a savior

But maybe one day I will be able to comply
Make a pact with this dreaded state of mind
Tell the world about all my Fables
And maybe someone will be able to savor them
i'm terrible with titles :x
Written by
Pedro Batista  21/M
     Corvus, Zani, a z u r e d r e a m, everly and rose
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