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Jun 2018
Mr. Hayes for the last time we don't have any knowledge of guests that are outside
Waiting for you tonight
So please enjoy your stay help yourself to some red wine oh now
Chicago is your city now you've been here enough by now so know
Leave your family and your friends behind
You don't need to waste your time
Have your self to some red wine oh no

Mr. Hayes for the first time I think I saw you smile what brought you down to the front desk
I said my key card stopped working
And you're exposing your red chest so now
I think I'm coming to say hi from now
So let's have us some red wine oh no
I've made a new friend so let's
Grab coffee you see
I've stayed here for 3 weeks but I don't know any place so please
Show me a diner I am not that picky
You are not a grifter like me
I'm new to Chicago but I know where to go

Mr. Hayes for 3rd time we don't need to go Southside please put down the red wine we are in the middle of the road
I don't know why you want to see the Shameless house
Just look at my white blouse oh no
I wanted to spend some time outside of the hotel
So please talk to me I am only trying to help so stop ignoring me
Mr. Hayes please slow down I don't know what Mudhoney is, but you do

Mr. Hayes has moved on now he's in a new town away from all you ******* clowns
He has whiskey instead of wine so take your time and slow your dime have a Corona lime
Mr. Hayes please come back home your wife misses you
She has her pictures too
So please take your life out of that town come back to Tennessee drink some Hennessy instead
Mr. Hayes
Evan Hayes
Written by
Evan Hayes
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