Jun 2017
Wasted time,empty space
Wasted energy, empty thoughts
Wasted story's, empty empathy.
No fucks given,
Just them empty bottles
All the empty broken promises
All the guilt, all the hate
Covered in alcohol.
Fake smiles,fake laughs
All a cover for all those who care
Late cries, late screams
Face hurts from all the tears.
One more sip, one more bottle
Another night of no remembrance
Head banging, lights hurt
But then you remember why all over.
Grab another bottle, do some shots
Closed doors, covered windows
A good way to say goodbye
With one last bottle and a lullaby
Goodnight forever
Written by
Chelsea Perras  25/F/Saskatchewan
       Eudora, ryn, Monokeros, Gabriel burnS and Sadhippie
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