Jun 18

We're all humans, almost the same;
black and white or red and brown
in the ways, we smile, or grin and frown,
and even cry and cuddle
like kittens with soft soul, which
we’re all fragile and breakable,
for we’re made out of clay of soil.

Although, we have many faces,
and dwell in different places,
or enunciate with many mouths,
yet, there’s ONLY one night or day,
for all, to sleep or play.
Thus, there will be time, in which
the oceans will dry.
the sun will set, and
the earth will stay still,
and the kingdoms must fall, so
a mankind can dance or cry,
on that abrupt call.

Therefore, if darkness is inevitable,
shouldn't we hang up the frame?
Why some hearts,
to beat out the flame?

Love, peace and understanding goes a long way. Let's all get along!
Written by
Jobira  43/M/NYC/Philadelphia/Ethiopia
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