Jun 17

I lose myself
In silence
The quiet
Breaks seams
The inner pain
My erratic brain
Adding stain
To already
Marred skin
I'm left
At the lack of me
That I
Have left
To give

How can I
Feel safe in flesh
When I don't even know
The person in my head
Who I am
Where my story starts
Or when
This shit show
Finally ends

The curtains closed
A long time ago
But the show
Will always go-on
Behind locked doors
Within my mind
While these eyes
As cold
As Ice
Block out
Any sort of warmth

It's because
I don't let you see
Not because
It's not reality
To me

I have mastered
The art
Of faking brave
Of looking alive
Of hiding shame

I can stand
With a wide smile
The steadiest of hands


I'm the sort of girl
To only profess
My love
For the world
Admist the attempt
To remove the head
From neck

I'm obsessed
With the quiet
Of the end
But the quiet
In the flesh
Is what leaves me
Far before
My death

I don't think they
Will ever understand
Just how much they killed
Or just how lost I am

Written by
cunting-fuck-face  25/F/Spacey space
(25/F/Spacey space)   
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