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Jun 2017
Verse 1

Initiated, when there’s a choice to truly take it

In order to be liberated, gain true identity

When there’s a low road, a higher path is taken solo

It doesn’t matter even how slow, true living is free


No matter the forces I see, the invisible right before me

Keep moving and gliding swiftly, liberated, it’s time to be free

All genuine none to conceal, just chasing the joy that I feel

Authentic with goodness is real, liberated, truly liberated

Verse 2

Unrelenting, a core desire with no ending

Distractions don’t require tending, so undeservedly

Uncomplicated, could be as simple as I make it

A dream pursued, even belated, there’s possibility


Verse 3

Footsteps, yes I gotta find my own quest

The only way to give my true best, originate and shine

To awaken, to be myself yet unmistaken

All the others they are taken, the opportunity is mine


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©
"Liberated" is a song that expresses the personal freedom of having choices in life and the liberation of decision. Within the first verse the individual recognises that their personal quest for a greater sense of freedom may begin alone, yet with the recognition that there will be greater rewards along the way. Comparatively, the individual has come to appreciate the concept of being liberated in comparison to their former experiences. For having experienced degrees of restrictions, confinement and authoritarian limitations whether physically, emotionally, they have come to recognise the difference.

The chorus is connected to the stage of definite decision making, in which the individual has made the choice to no longer allow the past to have reign over her life and future. As the captain of her own soul, she has come to appreciate that she can begin to create her own future and take responsibility for her choices in life.

Within the second verse there is acknowledgment of previous distractions that have had their own ramifications. The emphasis from therein is to no longer allow further distractions to hinder her journey or progress. With the pursuit of any dream one can at times go about their quest with added complications, whereby simplicity would be a beneficial choice. She chooses now to sift out any elements in her life that no longer serve her or help her accomplish her life’s purpose.
Geraldine Taylor
Written by
Geraldine Taylor  34/F/England
     Gabriel burnS and Ryan Holden
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