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Jun 2017
“The storm is coming!”
Shouted by a friend who's running
I looked behind and there I saw people panicking
And there's this another friend walking towards me while crying
I gave her a warm hug, and she uttered "I lost everything."
Am I allowed to talk? I asked to myself, but she held onto my arms and ask, “Are you listening?”
I nodded as a response and there she stopped crying
The storm which shattered everyone and left nothing
"I was only drag here by my own feet. I only have you." and there I saw she's barefoot, and her wound is bleeding

The other friend which I saw a while ago is now from afar looking at me
Her eyes are also hurt from crying but she's mad and trying to find a shelter
She is envious of this friend who's relying to me right now
But she was the first one who ran away, forgetting me
She was the one who left me alone, but now to whom is she trying to put the blame?
Is it for I who was abandoned, or is it for her who ran away?
Written by
adeline  21/F/Philippines
   Sarita Aditya Verma
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