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Feb 2010
One day soon
The choice will come
That this life of mine
Will soon be gone
Doc's tell me
Get things in novice
But we know not
The day, nor hour
Or, of which order
No longer can I keep
The fight going on
With Sarcoidosis
Abusing my lungs
Now my heart
Slowly beats
The body is tired
To take more
Match's to defeat
But my mind
Is not weak
It's clear as day
Hope you get
What I'm trying to say
Not saying I'm giving up
But this spell of Voodoo
Of the disease, that kills
Is taking over
Shorter breathes in between
When I walk or speak
Calling all my Angels
Watching over me
Just let me have
A little more time
With the family
To fight like soldiers
In a desert field
Build me up to bloom
Like a flower
On a Spring mourning hill
What come
What may
Everlasting prayer's
In a whisper
Without fear
I'll take that bow
Just not today
A little bit later
I have this disease called Sarcoidosis, there's not much known of it.
I've had this disease a very long time, since in my 20's, I'm now 47.
Have wanted to write something of this along time now.
I hope one day more attention will be applied to it,
because a lot of people die from this.
There seems to be no answer to why?

Hello to all, sorry I haven't been here in awhile, just want to say still hanging in there even though the challenges have made some things difficult with family member's. Keep your prayer's in your request line for me. Just turned 51, looks like "God" must till need me here to keep my creative vision of poetry fruitful.  

Written by
       Prerna Padlikar, ---, D Conors and Zenobia
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