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May 2012
My girl, she's a beauty,
Long, flowing black hair,
A voluptuous *****.
She struts along streets with a confident air,
Very nearly, but not quite, snooty.
Her *******, a perfect pair,
Her morning breath, fresh and fruity.
Her smile makes lonely strangers stare,
Her dimples, wow, she's such a cutie.
Her body, an alluring, ***** snare,
Multitudes of friends follow like groupies,
  Although she makes other men swoon in despair,
  I've succumbed to obey her with a sense of duty.
  I'm sick, I'm done, time to get her out…**she better prepare.
In English class we were asked to write a version of William Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 - but to change it so the man is in fact, not in love with the woman, despite her seeming perfection. This is how mine turned out.
It didn't have to have iambic pentameter or anything like that, just 14 lines with AB rhyming couplets. It's also meant to be rather casual, this was only written in about 15-20 minutes with not much thought put in!
Eliza Jane
Written by
Eliza Jane  australia
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