Jun 2017
Sand sifting gently through my fingers,
A dedicated time ‘til my body lingers.
Oh, to know the smell of the center of your hand,
To see into those eyes -
To feel those sighs.

Sometimes I don’t think I can wait
But then it’s too late.
How can all this be real
When I’ve not even a finger to feel?
Visions of heart – remembering soul –
Up to now that is all that I know.
I'm lost in this moment,
Chained to the sweet torment.
Inside a fire is burning
Hotter than hell – so full of yearning.

Maybe the wrong place -
Maybe the wrong time.

Is it a crime
To watch the sand as it falls?
Measuring time ‘til my body lingers
And I have you - lost in my fingers.
There is no such thing as time until you find love.
Willy Shakysphere
Written by
Willy Shakysphere  M/Georgia, USA
(M/Georgia, USA)   
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