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Mar 2018
I'll keep to my own heart's lovely memory worries

But this other time we had the funnest day I've ever had....
We just laid in bed all morning n laughed n laughed n laughed, the timing wasn't bad

In our death pictures, he died in his sleep...
While i was a ****** murdered massicure's last breath out
There was no death though you see.
They were just pictures we had of each other about.

And as my heart's still breaking I can't barely remember his noises or how his beautiful body moves
All of his soul was mesmerizing to me N now all I see are dark skies with black seas

And God: "If Heaven is not real, I know I will feel complete hate at the moment of my death,
For only in heaven will I get to relive my precious memories
For I'll get no new ones from now til no breath.
Wrote: June 3, 2016 @7:53pm
Written by
Daphne Doyle  Iowa
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