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Jun 2017

There are a few things I wish you had known
And in lesson from which you'd have grown
A lot sooner -
The twist of time left your path entwined
In more vice than virtue,
I really need you to see that.

Altruistic aims, aren't always mutual gains
Only act on impulse if your intentions are true -
And only for those who'd do the same for you.

Unbridled fury does not buy you respect,
Or victory - things can always be approached better.
Remain yourself, but keep logic intact.

You needn't be afraid of vulnerable thoughts.
Collect yourself outwardly. The battle you have fought
Is not one that others can see.
Caution -ย ย it may feel like
You're battling me.

As you traverse the plane of your mind,
You may find that what you once basked in
Is now a question of
What could have been

Choose your memories carefully in which
Your creativity is hugely dependent on
Don't create what you can't feel -
But don't drown in the ethereal.
Try not to lose yourself to
What others think of you
Or your writing, your music, your views

I know this stuff's hard, but I hope that you try.
Anyways. Take care ofย ย yourself. Tell mom I said hi.

- Aidan
A letter to myself.
Aidan A
Written by
Aidan A  24/M/Malaysia
     Trish, Me Dรญaz and becoming again
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