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Jun 2017
warm socks
socks like winter
socks that might come off in your boots
when trudging through foot-deep snow
but will be just right for lying atop mountains of pillows
as many pillows as are in your house
your house that smells
like you

there’s no snow now
just rain
and rain and rain and rain
and rain
but it’s cold enough outside these walls
and cold enough inside our skulls
to warrant hot chocolate, hats and hand-holding
and cuddles until we feel ourselves bleeding
enough sun from our chests, however fleeting,
enough laughter from our eyes
enough love from our lungs
enough warmth rom our sock-clad feet
enough spark from where my fingers meet
your hair
to forget the red skin sap
and sticky spilling squeezed lashes of yesterday
let’s just pretend we can forget yesterday
i’d like to forget yesterday

socks yes
we’ll put on socks
we’ll put on warm socks
and switch our clothes
until we can’t even pretend to know
any other smell than each other
and we won’t tell your mother how sad we are
we won’t tell her that anything bled but my eyes
and then maybe she’ll let you stay the night
and you’ll stay
talking about how beautiful the sunset is while i cry
and watch you glow

so that’s how it’ll be
we’ll put on socks
and put up walls of blankets
and only let each other inside
you’ll hold my hand
i’ll stroke your hair
and maybe we’ll be warm like that
while the rain keeps falling outside
   sky isabelle
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