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Jun 2017
Waking up in a dark room illuminated by the bright rays of sunshine - it's not the typical start of my day.
All the time, I've been swirling around the hurricane barefooted, thinking it was fine.
Sand is what beneath,
But blood was on my feet.
Only to discover that the sand was a sharp knife.

Cold breeze at night touched my skin and left me shivering in thrills,
Resembling your voice, my heart cried in extreme pain as if it was in drills.
The tiny drops of water from the blue sky flows down and cries,
Just like how happy memories got drowned in the ocean of lies.

Unafraid to touch a beautiful rose with deadly thorns,
For there's nothing much more blood to get spilled.
My heart was covered with steel as my shield,
Still you managed to broke and hurt me to the core.

Trapped inside a small dark chained room was me,
Screaming at you, pleading to set me free.
Knowing there's no escape in this unending misery,
You gave up, without knowing your heart is the chain's key.
this has been
Written by
nadine  F/Philippines
   Ryan Holden
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