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May 2017
How can I be happy when the world keeps going?
Don't you guys know that he's dead?
My beautiful, loving, goofy friend
Is dead.
Hunter please come back!
How could he be gone?
How could I be happy when I can't see his face anymore?
I can't ever see his blond hair bouncing around as he walks again.
There's nothing left of my amazing Hunter.
Why aren't they stopping to acknowledge his death?
Don't they know?
I'm so confused.
How can they not have known him?
How could they not have heard of the fiery death he suffered?
How could anyone not have known the amazing, kind, nerdy, dork that was my friend?
Please, take a moment for me.

Take a moment.
Google "Cranberry Road Wisconsin Car Accident Hunter Morby."
He was my friend. I've known him since I was a kid.
Please, just take a moment to acknowledge him.
Of course I'm not as happy as you are. My best friend just died and the world happens to think its hilarious to **** on my life every 10 minutes and all I can think about is how Hunter, Jason, and Landen must have looked when the EMTs and First Responders got there. Charred skin, probably melted to the car. Their eyes were probably cooked and cloudy. So yeah, I'm not happy. Certainly not as happy as anyone else I can think of. But, I would feel a little better if the sad, selfish, Pisces, Jesus men on this earth would take a moment to acknowledge him. Thanks.
The Spider
Written by
The Spider  19/F/wisconsin
     --- and Ryan Holden
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