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May 2017
The background music sings about love that have been doomed
Matching my feelings that's been in constant state of gloom
Thinking if am i really worth your time
Cos baby we can live separately just fine

So if you are getting tired of this rollercoaster ride
Feel free to leave me alone in this crashing flight
And do not ever look back to check if I'm still alive
Cos love a little heart attack is nothing I cant survive

Tho I just wanted to remind you that there aint a moment with you I regretted
But I believe I have already made myself clear even before our true love ended
And about how I will treasure everything we once were
That all our sweet nothings will live forever in my care

So baby you can finally let our obsolete love go
And be happy with someone that can truly complete you
Cos kissing and crying is a very tiresome choice to do
While we're just running in circles thats been long overdue

So I am now officially giving up everything on you
Giving you the allowance to fix yourself and let these all go
Cos I'm getting tired of pretending this relationshit is true
So babe you can hate me for pushing you
"Yeah. You have my permission to do so."

Because lets just truly be honest
Im a mess which you have failed to fix
The darkness you just cant resist
A monster under your bed in vex

Plus I am only drowning you more instead of giving you life
Bathing you with dark colors and hurting you with burning light
Wrapping you whole with thorns in disguise
Indeed, a living calamity you need to despise

But baby let us first resolve this out
Before the sand in our hourglass runs out
So that after our each voices fades out
We cannot anymore hear names in our mouth

So babe I will be the one who's leaving you first
Not looking back so my piled up emotion wont burst
Not looking back until you finally turned away to a different alley
To give me the chance to look at your back as our world decay

But before this world crumbles before our eyes
I am giving you my last love letter full of good byes
A full coverage of how our poor foundation of love struggles to live but dies
With a closing remark saying, "thanks for all the promises I turned to lies."
Written by
Tala  19/Two-Spirit/Philippines
       ---, ---, Ryan Holden, MalaiDaisies, lavendersky and 2 others
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