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May 2017
A history of the world is written on the softness of your lips
I can taste the age of your soul
Cultures and civilizations run deep in your blood
Your tears are those of loved ones as they lose a loved one in battle
Your laugh echoes in the halls of Olympus
When the gods hear it, they freeze
These gods are nothing under the pressure of your thumb

Your hair stands like a temple
Pillars and pillars sprout from your scalp
They whisper the secrets of the holy men that prayed for safety
As I did
It was my temple too
Alas beliefs change and evolve
The temple became deserted leaving me under the mercy of its toppling roof
All that remained of you is a ruin
These gorgeous pillars perished into rubble
Your ground was never this dusty
I tried to move your temple to my safehouse
But the demons that live there will not leave you at peace
They will take your temple and tear it down
Even the ruin is too dangerous to keep
"It must break" they say
And I can't tell if they're talking about a pillar or my heart

Bless your innocent soul for thinking I was someone worthy of you
Bless my naive heart for believing that I could guard your temple
But not only my demons, your demons were the enemy too
Both armies joined forces
Weaponry and machinery never used before in the battlefield
And all we had was a rope
The enemy tied the rope around us
Froze our eyes open
As we watched the temple kneel on its knees
Jad Ghamloush
Written by
Jad Ghamloush  Beirut
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