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May 2017
I believe that
There are people who’ll
Not believe that faith has
Got teeth, Sharp incisors
And canines that tear into the
Flesh of doubt with razor sharp precision.

It’s got premolars and molars
That crush the bones
Of hardy ignorance.

Mountains too are no match
For one so formidable a foe as faith.
A single monumental hurl
And they’re displaced.

Faith’s a kind friend
Who never forsakes
Sticks around in times of need
And of melody and cheer.

Faith’s faceless and multifaceted
In the same breath and is formless
Maybe that’s why it takes
The space of whatever it’s inhabited in
What convenience?
If faith's not your friend,maybe it's time you sat down a cup of tea in hand
for a  tête-à-tête
Anderson M
Written by
Anderson M
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