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May 2017
I spent my life in empty blooming fields
The indifferent magic of life married me to complacency
Until I was cursed...
Cursed with light
A light that blinded me
While simultaneously illuminating the monstrous abyss

On the first night I dreamt of you
You were the King of All That Lasted
Ants of wisdom marched to your orders
You were covered in tattoos; simple little circles that
marked your entire body
You explained every circle represented a different moment in your life
"What does that one mean?"
"That's the day I met you."

On the second night I had a nightmare I had a dream about you
In my nightmare I couldn't convince myself the dream was just a dream
I'd be awake and know it was a dream
But in the dream it feels so real
I begged my local Illuminati to put more fluoride in the water
To no avail
There is nowhere to run in my dreams

On the third night I had a nightmare
I was watching meteors rain out in space
Although it was beautiful I couldn't help but think, "Why aren't they hitting us?"
And then a meteor crashed into Earth
I guess that's how dreams work
Or at least mine that is
When I think I should die I always do
And then I wake up
Did I mention I couldn't move as I watched my world explode?
Written by
Andrew  27/M/Kentucky
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