May 19

They say the apple doesn't
fall far from the tree
but please my son
fall far away from me
if there's one thing I ask you
don't be like me

Never been a good man
my path full of sin  
most of my life
fueled with whores, whisky
and Gin

Life with the dice
and a deck of cards
a gambling man
I've gamble hard

I'll risk it all on a throw
or a turn of a hand
never to lose
well that was the plan

Made a deal with the Devil
that cannot be undone
this soul full of sin
for which he will come

My life a blurred battlefield
a war I can't win
never finding the strength
or courage within

So listen my son
don't be like me
fall as far as you can
from this poisoned tree

My dad would always say,
Son don't be like me and I never took his path.
Written by
Mack  48/M/England
         Tink, Seema, CK Baker, Mystic904, Hashim ZK and 94 others
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