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May 2017
the soft glistening of your eyes
always makes me think you're about to cry,
but then you start to smile and the rain becomes stars,
and the stars become crescent moons
when the thin folds of your skin crease while you laugh.

i'm struck in awe as your eyelids gently flutter,
making me think of butterflies who flit
their delicate wings to latch onto their favorite flowers.
your eyelashes aren't that thick and long
yet they possess the kind of beauty that only you own.

the bags under your eyes are beautiful too,
it's never a flaw, it's a symbol of hard work you've always shown.
your gorgeous irises that displays it's chocolate brown-ness
whenever the sunlight gently kisses your face,
the warmth of their glow melts everyone who catches a glance at you.

your eyes are the windows to
a whole different universe that exists inside of you.
they are the windows to your soul.
oh, how i wish you'd at least want to have a glimpse at mine
as much as i wish to delve into yours.
hjs, i hope your eyes meet mine this second time.
Written by
sancus  wandering.
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