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May 2017
I said, HI.
Marry me, if your love is as cold as mine. I said, marry me, If you're okay with dry lips in the morning because the cooking oil is finished. The sun rise is not special. No, not here. My days don't have punctuations and certainly not a full stop. No

Yesterday is today because my stomach is still hungry and my lips are still dry.

I said, Marry me, If my sorrows are your comfort and your teeth are as yellow as mine.

Let's talk about my heavy hugs that never reach your waist and my love for the bottle.

How about my Noodle *** and the blankets I share with my dog, Rusky.

Are you ready to let your dreams die ? Because I'll **** them.
Australia? Yeah, I'll take you. One day

But for now, You're gonna gonna breathe in the euphoric air of the  cemetery and build your home here.

I'll show you a world with no sun and I'll teach you how to tell time.

I said, Marry me.

And so she looked at me and said, Maybe in another life

And I watched her walk away thinking, What a freak.

But I, I'm a genius.
Written by
Michael Rabutla
     unnamed and Silverflame
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