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May 2017
I've been M.I.A lately, my mind's been in action, writing more lines and dealing with social traction. Going full countercultural, blocking out distraction, trying to fit in while staying true to my faction.
That's my topic today, my current subject, now before I go on and with all due respect, I mean not to offend, feel free to object, I'm not pointing fingers cause you're not a suspect.
In this day and age I feel like a defect, because I write poems I'm treated like a reject, and my love of heavy metal has had an effect on the way I'm treated like I'm imperfect.
Some might say I'm broken, that's incorrect, as a matter of fact there's a fear I detect, a fear of difference that's been going unchecked, it's so hard to solve because it's so indirect. We hold back our thoughts and try to be perfect, well that isn't good it's a snowball effect. There are cases aplenty all uniquely diverse, but the more we hold back it'll only get worse. I want to show the world that there's nothing to fear,and that when there is I'll be the frontier. But we all have our limits and I'm no engineer, simply put I'm a pioneer. A simple minded poet, a man of innovation, solving all my trouble through poetic creation.
Written by
Charlie Renaud  19/M/Canada
     Somebody Nobody, ---, Eudora and Benji James
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