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May 2017
Today I watched a log near the shore
wait for the Mississippi's current to
push it past the lone rock in its way.
Two and a half hours later it
caught the current, and gained
enough momentum to float ahead.

The log was forced from its comfort zone,
but wanted the change,
and embraced its own currency.
It got stuck along the way
(probably more than once)
but trusted the process
like flowers trust honeybees.

the log is as much a part of me
as I
       am a part of it
Ready to ride the wave
Ready to converse with the current

Moving forward, I'll think about
that log from time to time
when I'm stuck in captivity,
holding on to hope that I can
find a current to carry me away.
A poem reflecting my feelings after graduating college last week.
Nebulous the Poet
Written by
Nebulous the Poet
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