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May 2017
On year has passed
it was a long never ending roller-coaster
there were days i wanted to just disappear days my heart let me down
barely any good times
without a helping hand
I came down this long path
still alive and well
Still smiling but with meaning
Papa I hate you & Thank you
because if things didn't go down the they did
i would never would have met the people i know now
i would not have cried , smiled , almost died , opened my heart
I don't really hate you no more ,( you could go to hell for all I care)
***** been hard , I am Not a kid But I wasn't ready to grow
things just happened like that
Only God knows what Allah has planned for me
I am moving on from your dark shadow !!!~
I am truly Blessed right now
even without you
I am stronger than i believed
I am not alone no more
I feel full, Alhamdhulilaah- Thanking God.
Even without A helping hand,
PAPA.... I am Good Without You
January 2014
The poems I post after this are all from poems I wrote way back then 2013-2014.
I grew up without my father for the last 14 years, he's alive just not in my life.
Khadro Jama
Written by
Khadro Jama  28/F/USA
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