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May 2017
It’s a night of easy recall
When I was a guest
Of hells Halloween ball

An extravagant arch
Cased elaborate, forested doors
Plush red carpets
Festooned hell’s ballroom floors

Upon my arrival my eyes observed that day
The carved relief’s on the doors as adorned
Of souls gone astray

I peered in the faces of eyes turned stone cold
A pack with the devil
For the contracts he holds

Great chandeliers, baroque ceilings high
Crystals fashioned
From the pain of the hopeless
And all the tears ever cried

At long tables laden with the feast of the night
Hearts of the wretched and unholy
Daemons consumed with delight

Each soul's deeds tallied
And their virtues as well
An eternity spent in heaven
The balance sheet would tell

The wretched and unholy
Sent to the bowels of hell
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