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Aug 2017
my tan warm
brown skin
child of the earth
with its deliberate undertones

from birth,
it had been something
i had grown to love,
to adore,
all with its imperfections

growing up,
i realized something i had adored
some despised with their inner being
a threat that they
had grown accustomed to hate

they did not understand
the gentle, quiet beauty
of this delicate covering
how calm it was

they feared what
they could not understand
like a child
afraid of the darkness
and what it hides

ignorance was their
but sometimes
knowing what is not meant
to be known

can bring undesired presumptions

they taught me not
to love
my perfection
as my flaw was
now the world's spectacle

delineations strawn
like wispy lines in
the tumbling sand
of my skin

imaginary concepts
with such flawed
of destroyed beauty
i lost a part of myself
while growing up
that i could never get back

something this world cannot ever back to me...

education was meant
to be the answers of
the questions
of our own
incoherent thoughts
it fed me
knowledge that attacked my innocence

this dreary
hateful world
took my spirit
and my soul
away from my rotting body

my spirit is broken
and i can hardly tell
if i am human anymore

i rather just
live in stupidity
like a sheep following its master
my perfect fool paradise

those who are fools
remain fools
if they do not learn
or if they do not know the
true state of their
unfathomable condition

i am back
Written by
shåi  Androgynous/sound frequencies
(Androgynous/sound frequencies)   
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