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May 2017
Aggressive buzz of an alarm,
a new day is born.

Gentle touch of the morning breeze,
sending cold shivers up my spine.

Numb timid darkness, entangling with the golden rays of the sun.

And with such inharmonious beauty
comes a friend unfriendly – Time.

 My feeble bones arise, exhausted from its daily struggles.

An occupied mind strives for sanity, away from its daily bustle.

Clothes creatively decorated with patterns of odorous sweat.

My heart ladened with  problems and i'm not married yet.

A memory ******, nonchalant of such sacred hour.

A project overdue and an angry boss comes to limelight.

The walls reverberated with the sound of a sigh
and the words "na wa".

Amidst this chaotic subconscious,

more time

– is my only plight.

The End.

© 2015 - Ifeanyi.
"Na wa",
Also means "what the ****", in some places :)
Written by
Ifeanyi  M/Awka, Nigeria.
(M/Awka, Nigeria.)   
   Lior Gavra
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