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Apr 2012
It was the third time we had hung out
as friends.
After trying to go to the new monster bar
and get Friday the 13th tattoos
there were lines at both
so we said **** it
and got some sushi.
I hadn't been out with anyone
like that
and smiling across the table
wanting to hear anything she had to say
really knowing the girl
being sweet on the gal
and wanting her bad.
When we left the small sushi bar
our insides were warm with sake
our heads swimming
as we walked to her car
and a dust storm came down on us
blowing her hair all around
and getting dirt in my pomade covered hair.
She drove us back to my trailer
and we went inside
away from the swirling brown wind.
She sat on the couch
and I sat in a chair across from her.
We talked for an hour
hour and a half
I was waiting for that good moment
that little perfect one
when I could make that move.
So we kept talking
with her legs crossed
the big tattoo on her thigh
taking all my attention.
I was never a leg man
until that night.
That classic figure of a woman
defined legs crossed like that
kicking the heel just so, like ole' Hank said.
There's a magic to it.
I was practically in a trance
staring at those legs of hers.
I just couldn't contain myself anymore
and I didn't even think about it
just went for it.
I stood up and spit my gum out
just sent it sailing across the room
before leaning down
and kissing her.
She pulled back at first
after our lips kissed one full time.
"Oh. Okay, then."
She said with a giddy smile.
After talking to her for weeks
and getting teased by my co-workers
for being in the Friend Zone
the moment had finally arrived.
The one I'd been dreaming of
laying in my trailer
as the train passed at 12:37
every night
blowing it's whistle
and I thought about how it would feel.
Her body pressed against mine
feeling her body heat
tasting her lips
feeling her body tense up
and her hand on the back of my head.
It was better than I had imagined.
She climbed on top of me
wrapping her legs around me tight
kissing each other like
we were in a movie no one else would see.
When we made it for the first time
later that night
the iPod was on shuffle
and right at the moment
when we were about to make it
'Hallelujah' the Leonard Cohen version
came on.
We both looked at each other
and smiled.
"I can't believe this song is on right now."
"Me either."
"Come here." She said, wrapping her arms around my neck
and pulling me in.
from the dirt brown clouds above us
the heavens opened up
and the sky rained down
tip tapping
on the metal roof of the single-wide trailer
as we pushed on.
Away from the earth
and into the company of the angels.
Danny Valdez
Written by
Danny Valdez
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