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May 2017
How many times a day
Do you ask yourself
What am i doing here?
How many times a day
Do you travel
To another dimension?
There’s just something about being in a place
Where you know you don’t belong.
How sad it used to make me
Attack my mind from all angles
Overwhelmed with anxiety
Of not “fitting in”

Now i’m almost numb
Because does anyone really fit in?
I believe in wanderers
I believe in wandering
Through the deepest depths
I believe everyone has it in them
Every time you feel lost
In a sea of people
Notice the other wanderers

I like to tell my adventures
Through poetry
Because i can speak in fragments
Of short lived thoughts
This is my escape
From the place i never belonged
Katelin Smith
Written by
Katelin Smith
   Lior Gavra
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