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May 2017
Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos,
Taquitos, Burritos, Con Amigos

Enchilada, Chimichanga, Bahama Mama
La Bamba, Con La Banda, Da Dun Da
No mi speak-o mexicana

Zoom, Vroom, Doom in a Room reading Hume

Boat, Moat, Coat, Tote
Tote my Goat in your Coat
Please do not fall in the Moat

Pool, Cool, Drool, Fool
Don’t be a fool and drool in the pool
Don’t be a fool in the pool, be cool
The pool is cool when fools don’t drool in the pool
The cool pool was full of that fool’s drool
Drool Pool
Get in the Pool, Fool!
Be cool with your drool, fool- you’re right by the pool

Tall, Fall, Ball, Mall
You’re tall, you should ball
Leave this mall, it’s going to fall on your ball
Your ball is in the mall
Fall on my ball and I will maul you in the mall
All that is tall is going to fall
The tall man stood on the ball in the mall
Written by
Chris La Mar  Austin, TX
(Austin, TX)   
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