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May 2017
Do justly
To the hungry
With brazen melody
Touch the ugly

Love mercy
Choose your phrases
Teach the thirsty

Walk humbly
With feet lovely
Down crooked boulevards
Your message comely

Your God commands
He works His will
Set the world straight
Until the streets are still

Melt down your swords
Into reaping-blades
Learn war no more
In these latter days

The mountains rise high
Nations flow this way
None shall be afraid
As they rest in the shade

Walk in the name
Of Your Sovereign Lord
Carry out His will
Like waters on the shore

Walk in the light
Of Your Reigning Lord
Wolves kiss lambs
Your hope He restores
Written by
Reformedandrecovered  Fremont, CA
(Fremont, CA)   
     littlebrush and Alyssa Underwood
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