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May 2017
In that place, I learned the borders of insanity and satire are a thin line.
You come wise to the hypocrisy and pain, delivered in vain
and try to escape it;
12 pills to a blissful, peaceful snore; and somehow,
you’re insane.
I know better now. But I saw, 2 patients, man and woman,
who played hopscotch over that delicate line.
They wanted to see if the medication was working. They asked me to define the word ‘many’. Word stew splatters on the floor when I fumble and foil to try and explain, and they thanked me.
They said it meant a lot to them...
They’re clinically insane and I’m unstable.
These chalk lines must be dashes.
Written by
Esridersi  23/M/USA
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