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May 2017
Rainy days in Cleveland look like regret
They take the joy out of a 70Degree day
Like an empty Christmas present
It’s about as romantic as an ex Boyfriend’s third chance at failing you
But if you look closely
The rain drops aren’t committing suicide
They are sky diving from the clouds
Awaiting their first impression with the grass
They yearn to be soaked up by the Earth
The same way my eyes freeze in yours like a game of tag
Did your heart feel mine tap its shoulder when I whispered you were it?
Are you tired of how good I am at hiding? No matter how long you count
How I appear to be invisible then suddenly I touch base
I rarely ever play games I haven’t studied the rules of…
But sometimes love is like a fake leg cramp in a basketball game
Between a pro athlete and his little sister
Sometimes love; knowing it can beat us, humbles itself so we too can feel like winners <333
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